Screening monthly at The Cinematheque, in Vancouver, Canada, DIM Cinema was initiated in 2008 by Amy Kazymerckyk to draw attention to artists whose practices are in dialogue with the cinema as a medium, an architectural space, a social context, and/or a formal structure. Michèle Smith has curated the series since 2014. For the more than a decade, DIM Cinema has presented the work of local and Canadian artists and filmmakers, and introduced Vancouver audiences to significant artists from other countries. We have invited guest curators to present screenings and collaborated with arts organizations to program events around their activities. This site is a document of these rich collaborations over the past 12 years. The name of the series is inspired by the diffused Vancouver sky, the darkness of the cinema, and a quote from James Broughton's Making Light of It (1992): “Movie images are dim reflections of the beauty and ferocity in mankind.”

Amy Kazymerchyk is an independent curator who has contributed to artist-run culture in Vancouver in numerous capacities and continues to support both institutional and non-institutional artist-run initiatives and projects. In addition to founding DIM Cinema, she has programmed for VIVO Media Arts Centre, the Signal + Noise Media Arts Festival, Vancouver Queer Film Festival. She was the curator of SFU's Audain Gallery until 2018.  Michèle Smith is a curator and editor, whose other independent projects include co-editing the artist book series Drawing Room Confessions.