DIM Cinema was initiated in 2008 by Amy Kazymerckyk to draw attention to regional and international artists, across the history of experimental film and moving-image art, who address cinema as an architectural space, a social context, a medium, or a formal structure. Since 2014, it has been curated by Michèle Smith. This site is an archive for the programs we have presented and for the collaborations with artists, guest curators, arts organizations, and film collectives that have been the hearts, minds, and souls of the series

The name DIM Cinema was inspired by the diffused Vancouver sky, the darkness of the cinema, and a quote from James Broughton's Making Light of It (1992): “Movie images are dim reflections of the beauty and ferocity in mankind.”

Amy Kazymerchyk is an independent curator who has contributed to artist-run culture and public galleries in Vancouver since the early 2000s.  She was curator of SFU's Audain Gallery from 2013 to 2018.

Michèle Smith is an independent curator and an editor and translator whose projects include the artist book series Drawing Room Confessions. She has worked at Tate Modern and the Natural History Museum in London, and at Presentation House Gallery/The Polygon in Vancouver.