Julia Feyrer: Broken Clocks

Friday, October 11, 2019 - 12:00 am

ARTIST IN ATTENDANCE. “Broken Clocks” is a selectrospective of Victoria-born, Vancouver-based artist Julia Feyrer’s looping image works and 16mm films originally shown as installations. Clocks, perhaps like anything else with a face, have a mechanism behind them. In these films, we see the defaced visages of several timekeepers, stripped of most of their composite numbers, and a number of clocks whose faces read an accusatory “WHO CARES?” as if to scold the hegemony of a schedule. Feyrer seizes the time-based media to show its mechanism manipulated, coming to a slapstick stand-still, and offers us the notion of time with a funny facelift.

The Composition Kids
Co-director: Pietro Sammarco
2008 9 min.

Irregular Time Signatures
2011 3 min.

2012 12 min.

Sculpture Garden
Co-director: Derya Akay
2014 12 min.

Escape Scenes
2014 4 min.

New Pedestrians
2018 4 min.

Format: 16mm and DCP (16mm transfer)

Programmed by Steffanie Ling, a writer, critic, and curator based in Toronto and Vancouver and the Artistic Director of Toronto’s Images Festival.

Co-presented with Images Festival