Peggy Anne Berton & Marc St. Aubin

Monday, November 17, 2008 - 7:30 pm

Programmed by Amy Kazymerchyk
Peggy Anne Berton and Marc St. Aubin in person

ScareCity is a cinematic performance that fuses personally archived film and video with live improvised storytelling and music. Berton’s first-person recount of her return home to rural Southwestern Ontario to care for her aging parents meshes with an emotionally charged personal archive of childhood films, a time lapse of subdivision development around her home, country landscapes, and portraits of economic castaways at the local drinking hole. Her poignant reflections on aging and memory transform into metaphors on the dwindling fuel economy, agriculture’s increasingly violent use of antibiotics and pesticides, and the pandemic loss of wild and rural land to urban sprawl. St. Aubin’s original live music score adds lyricism and punctuation to Berton’s memories, often sustaining their emotional reverberations long after their words are uttered.

The Legend of Buck Kelly tracks Berton’s obsession with the late Jeff Buckley across the terrain of her own love life; from New York where she first met him, to her home town of Dawson City where she imagines he went after faking his death. She illustrates the serendipity that linked her to Buckley- from the wilderness to the big city to boy friends with the names Buck and Kelly.

7:30pm | The Legend of Buck Kelly by Peggy Anne Berton & Marc St. Aubin, Super 8, 72mins, Canada.

9:00pm | Scarecity: Performative Cinema by Peggy Anne Berton & Marc St. Aubin. Super 8 & DV, Live Music & Storytelling, 60mins, Canada.